History Of Kurnool

Sreenivasa College of Engineering & Technology is located at Laksmipuram, at a distance of just 5km from Kurnool Town on NH-44. It is a beautiful district in Andhra Pradesh. The town is associated with rich history, and was the state capital of Andhra till 1956. It lies on the banks of Tungabhadra River. Apart from that, the Hundri Neeva Rivers flow through the city. It experiences tropical climate.

Little was known about the history of the town before the 11th century. It was considered to be a greasing place for the carts for transporting stone for the construction of temples. After being ruled by the Cholas and Kakatiya kings, it acquitted an independent status under the Jagirdars. The town has a great influence of the Vijaynagara kings and later under the influence of Aurangzeb. Currently, it is the state head quarter of Andhra Pradesh. There are good number of educational institutions in the town framing the career and future of large numbers of youngsters. Apart from the engineering colleges, there are polytechnic colleges, pharmacy, dental and other degree colleges. The transportation system is also well-developed and there are good numbers of tourist spots in the place. The place is famous for Gole Gumbaz and its forts and caves.

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